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As we enter the event season, prioritising the safety of your children becomes paramount. Here are some valuable suggestions to ensure their security:

Open a Safety Conversation:

Engage in a conversation with your children about safety. Discuss the event details, including the number of attendees and the type of crowd expected. Set clear ground rules that they should follow.

Capture a Photo Moment:

Before leaving for the event, snap a photo of your children on your mobile device. This precaution will assist security in identifying them in case of separation.
Designate a Meeting Spot: Choose a distinctive and easily identifiable meeting location in case you are separated. This spot should be simple to find, ensuring a swift reunion if needed.

Educate About Trusted Helpers:

Teach your children about “safe strangers” who can help them if necessary, such as security personnel and event staff. Encourage them to approach these individuals confidently when seeking assistance.


While it may seem obvious, staying together is crucial, especially within bustling crowds. Constantly remind your children to remain close to you to avoid separation.

Utilise Contact Information:

Provide your children with a wristband containing your mobile number. This small yet effective measure expedites the process of reuniting in case they become separated from you.
By implementing these strategies, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for both you and your children during these events.