Static Security - Our staff on your premises

Manned guarding is a proactive security service that deploys trained security personnel to provide a visible deterrent and serve as the first line of defense against security threats.

This service offers tailored security solutions, swift response capabilities, and crowd management expertise. Manned guards safeguard assets, provide excellent customer service, and fit seamlessly into various settings.

The approach includes rigorous selection and training, site-specific risk assessments, modern technology integration, and 24/7 operational support.

Manned guarding services offered by Security Management South West prioritise proactive and preventive security, aiming to create a safer environment and deliver peace of mind to clients.


In an ever-changing world where security concerns are on the rise, having a reliable and robust security solution is paramount for businesses and individuals alike.

At Security Management South West, we take pride in offering Manned Guarding Security Services that go above and beyond traditional security measures.

With our team of highly trained and experienced security professionals, we are dedicated to safeguarding your assets, properties, and peace of mind.

What is Manned Guarding?

Manned guarding is a proactive security service that involves placing trained security personnel at specific locations to provide a visible and physical presence.

These skilled individuals act as a significant deterrent to potential threats and serve as the first line of defense against unauthorised access, vandalism, theft, and other security breaches.

The Value of Manned Guarding Security Services

Visible Deterrence: The mere presence of a well-trained security guard can discourage potential criminals from attempting unlawful activities. Manned guarding creates a formidable deterrent that protects your premises and assets.

Tailored Security Solutions: We understand that every client has unique security needs. Our manned guarding services are customisable and can be adapted to suit the specific requirements of your business or property.

Swift Response:

In the event of any security breach or emergency, our security personnel are trained to respond promptly and effectively. Their quick action can prevent incidents from escalating and mitigate potential risks.

Crowd Management:

Whether it’s a corporate event, public gathering, or retail environment, our manned guards are skilled in managing crowds and ensuring order and safety prevail.

Protection of Assets and Property:

Our security personnel are vigilant in safeguarding your valuable assets, equipment, and property, minimizing the risk of theft, vandalism, or unauthorized access.

Customer Service and Approachability:

Our manned guards are not just security professionals; they also prioritize providing excellent customer service. They are approachable, courteous, and can assist visitors or employees with their queries or concerns.

Our Manned Guarding Approach

At Security Management South West, our Manned Guarding Security Services are based on a proactive and preventive approach to security. Here’s how we ensure you get the best protection:

1. Rigorous Selection and Training:

Our security guards undergo a meticulous selection process to ensure they possess the right skills and attitude. They receive comprehensive training, covering areas such as conflict resolution, emergency response, and customer service.

2. Site-Specific Risk Assessment:

Before deploying our manned guards, we conduct a thorough risk assessment of your premises to identify potential vulnerabilities and tailor our security approach accordingly.

3. Cutting-Edge Technology:

We combine human expertise with modern technology, utilizing CCTV monitoring, access control systems, and communication devices to enhance the effectiveness of our manned guarding services.

4. 24/7 Operational Support:

Security threats can arise at any time. Our manned guarding services are available 24/7, providing around-the-clock protection for your business or property.


In a world where security concerns continue to evolve, having a strong security partner like Security Management South West can make all the difference.

Our Manned Guarding Security Services offer the peace of mind you need, knowing that your assets, properties, and people are in safe hands.

With our visible deterrence, swift response, tailored solutions, and customer-focused approach, we stand committed to securing your world.

Whether it’s safeguarding your business premises, event, or residential property, our trained security personnel are dedicated to providing the highest level of protection.

Contact Security Management South West today, and let us tailor a manned guarding security solution that meets your specific needs and reinforces your security posture. Together, we can create a safer environment for your business and ensure a future that thrives on security and peace of mind.

Every one of our team are hand picked locally to make sure that that they not only do the job correctly and represent our business well but that they also fit in with your business perfectly.

We understand static security and the wider role that we play within that, so if you feel that your business could benefit then please call or email our Sales Team on 01752 227731.

Static Security

Members of our trained and SIA licensed team remain at your commercial premises to offer that all important vigilant yet discreet security presence

Retail Security

The threat of opportunist crime in retail is ever present but with the right type of security the issue can be avoided.

Mobile Patrols

When it comes to mobile patrols, most security companies make the same mistake of timed, regular checks and that simply doesn’t work.

Key Holding & Alarm Response

Being an approved licensed key holder and alarm responder is an important responsibility and we take it very seriously.

Event & festival Security

The most important thing about any event or festival is that people get to enjoy themselves in a safe and secure environment. To do that the security involved needs to handle things in a balanced, even way.

Front of House Security

Our SIA licensed manned security staff or personnel are licensed to protect client assets and are often seen as the front line representatives of your business.

Consultancy Services

If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for our Consultancy Services can provide a solution better suited to your specific security needs.

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