Consulting Services

Security Management South Wests consulting services can support your business to plan, design, implement and evaluate a security strategy that meets your organisational objectives and sets quantifiable outputs linked to your bottom line! We will help you to align your specific security needs with your business priorities to give you a competitive advantage as well as reduce the risk of loss or damage (often saving you money through reduced insurance premiums!).

Led by highly experienced security professionals Ken York and his management team who have ample years of experience; our consulting services team is ready to advise, guide and boost your bottom line by ensuring you have the right protection to suit your specific needs.

To help you take the first step to making your business completely secure, we can arrange an initial assessment visit free of charge where our Directors can provide FREE SECURITY PROCUREMENT ADVICE and/or a  FREE RISK ASSESSMENT.

To learn more contact our Directors on 01752 227731 or e-mail for a FREE CONSULTATION on your specific security requirements.

Static Security

Members of our trained and SIA licensed team remain at your commercial premises to offer that all important vigilant yet discreet security presence

Retail Security

The threat of opportunist crime in retail is ever present but with the right type of security the issue can be avoided.

Mobile Patrols

When it comes to mobile patrols, most security companies make the same mistake of timed, regular checks and that simply doesn’t work.

Key Holding & Alarm Response

Being an approved licensed key holder and alarm responder is an important responsibility and we take it very seriously.

Event & festival Security

The most important thing about any event or festival is that people get to enjoy themselves in a safe and secure environment. To do that the security involved needs to handle things in a balanced, even way.

Front of House Security

Our SIA licensed manned security staff or personnel are licensed to protect client assets and are often seen as the front line representatives of your business.

Consultancy Services

If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for our Consultancy Services can provide a solution better suited to your specific security needs.

Simply contact us on
01752 227731 or
and tell us what you need!