Void Property Inspections - Our eyes and ears on your property

Security Management South West Limited offers a valuable service known as “void property inspection.” A void property inspection is a security service designed to protect and monitor vacant or unoccupied properties from potential risks and threats. This service is particularly crucial for properties that are temporarily vacant due to reasons such as moving out, refurbishment, or pending sale.

Key Features of Void Property Inspection:

Physical Presence:

Security personnel from Security Management South West Limited will conduct regular visits to the property to maintain a visible and physical presence, deterring potential intruders or vandals.

Security Checks:

During each inspection, the security team will thoroughly inspect the property’s perimeter, entrances, and windows to identify any signs of attempted break-ins or unauthorized access.

Lock and Alarm Checks:

The security personnel will verify that all doors, windows, and access points are properly locked and secured. They will also check the functionality of security alarms and CCTV systems.

Emergency Response:

In case of any security breaches or emergencies, the security team will take immediate action, alert the relevant authorities, and liaise with the property owner or designated contacts.


After each inspection, Security Management South West Limited will provide a detailed report highlighting the inspection findings, any incidents or suspicious activities observed, and actions taken during the visit.

Benefits of Void Property Inspection:

Crime Prevention:

Regular inspections and the physical presence of security personnel act as a strong deterrent against criminal activities such as burglary, vandalism, and squatting.

Asset Protection:

Void property inspection helps protect the property owner’s investment by mitigating risks and preventing damage to the vacant property.

Insurance Compliance:

Some insurance policies require regular property inspections to remain valid. Void property inspection ensures that insurance requirements are met.

Peace of Mind:

Property owners can have peace of mind knowing that their vacant property is being monitored and protected by experienced security professionals.

Customisable Service:

Security Management South West Limited can tailor the void property inspection service to meet the specific needs of each property and its owners.


Void property inspection by Security Management South West Limited offers a reliable and effective solution for safeguarding vacant properties from potential security threats. With regular inspections and professional security checks, property owners can confidently protect their assets and maintain a secure environment during periods of vacancy. This service provides peace of mind, minimises risks, and ensures compliance with insurance requirements, making it a valuable option for property owners facing temporary vacancies.

We understand void property inspections and the wider role that security plays within that, so if you feel that your business could benefit then please call or email our Sales Team on 01752 227731.

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