Mobile Patrols - Because timing is everything


In an ever-changing world where security concerns are becoming increasingly complex, businesses and individuals alike are seeking reliable and efficient security solutions to protect their assets and maintain peace of mind. Our company has been at the forefront of providing security services.

The Need for Mobile Patrol Services

Traditional static security measures can be effective, but they might not be sufficient to address the dynamic and diverse threats faced by today’s businesses and communities. Mobile patrol services fill the gaps by offering a more agile and responsive security solution. These services involve trained security personnel regularly patrolling designated areas using vehicles, and on foot, to detect and deter potential security breaches.

Security Management South West Limited: An Overview

We are a reputable security services provider that has been serving the South West region for decades. Established on principles of trust, reliability, and professionalism, SMSW has earned the trust of numerous clients across various sectors, including commercial, industrial, residential, and public institutions.

The Benefits of SMSW’s Mobile Patrol Service

Visible Deterrence: The mere presence of mobile patrol units can act as a significant deterrent to criminals, vandals, and trespassers. SMSW’s highly visible patrol vehicles equipped with modern technology signal a robust security presence, discouraging anyone from attempting any illegal activities.

Randomised Patrol Routes:

SMSW employs an intelligent approach by randomising patrol routes and times, making it difficult for potential threats to predict the security team’s movements. This unpredictability enhances the effectiveness of the service.

Swift Response:

In the event of a security breach or emergency, SMSW’s mobile patrol units are equipped to respond rapidly. Their ability to reach the scene quickly can prevent escalation and minimize damage.

Comprehensive Reporting:

SMSW places a strong emphasis on transparency and accountability. Their patrol officers meticulously document their activities, providing clients with detailed reports on patrols, incidents, and observations.

Cost-Effective Solution:

Compared to a 24/7 static security presence, mobile patrol services offer a more cost-effective alternative while maintaining high levels of security. Clients can choose from a range of flexible plans tailored to their specific needs and budget.

Technology Integration:

SMSW leverages advanced technology to enhance their mobile patrol services. This includes GPS tracking, real-time reporting systems, body cameras for officers, and communication tools to ensure seamless coordination.

Quality of Personnel

One of the core strengths of SMSW’s mobile patrol service lies in the quality of their security personnel. The company is committed to recruiting and training skilled officers with a strong focus on customer service, conflict resolution, and de-escalation techniques. Additionally, SMSW conducts thorough background checks to ensure that their staff can be trusted to handle sensitive security matters responsibly.


Our mobile patrol service has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of security management. By combining modern technology, strategic planning, and well-trained personnel, SMSW provides a versatile and effective security solution for businesses and communities in the South West region. With their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, SMSW continues to set new benchmarks in the security industry, making the region a safer place for everyone.

If you’re looking for reliable security services that prioritise your safety and peace of mind, Security Management South West Limited’s mobile patrol service might be just what you need.

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Static Security

Members of our trained and SIA licensed team remain at your commercial premises to offer that all important vigilant yet discreet security presence

Retail Security

The threat of opportunist crime in retail is ever present but with the right type of security the issue can be avoided.

Mobile Patrols

When it comes to mobile patrols, most security companies make the same mistake of timed, regular checks and that simply doesn’t work.

Key Holding & Alarm Response

Being an approved licensed key holder and alarm responder is an important responsibility and we take it very seriously.

Event & festival Security

The most important thing about any event or festival is that people get to enjoy themselves in a safe and secure environment. To do that the security involved needs to handle things in a balanced, even way.

Front of House Security

Our SIA licensed manned security staff or personnel are licensed to protect client assets and are often seen as the front line representatives of your business.

Consultancy Services

If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for our Consultancy Services can provide a solution better suited to your specific security needs.

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