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Door Supervisor top up training

By 17th March 2022June 14th, 2023No Comments
Door Supervisor top up training, no misinformation, no bad advice If you passed your DS qualification before April last year, you do have to do it (yes really)
– 3 days in a classroom or 2 with pre course learning (6 questions and both online ACT courses)
– 12 months left on a recognised level 3 first aid certificate (or do it before the top up)
– have all required ID
On the course (2 day version)
– pass an English initial assessment (reading, writing, speaking and listening)
– a radio comms assessment including use of the phonetic alphabet (filmed)
– physical intervention theory
– 6 physical intervention questions (answered verbally and filmed)
– physical intervention practical (all skills filmed)
– 3 exams
– it is challenging if done properly, the filmed questions are the hardest part be prepared for the initial assessment (many fail it)
All of this information has been available to anyone for a long time, so there really is no excuse for not being prepared.
Courses can be booked HERE