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The economic recession has led to police cutbacks and staffing shortages, which has meant they are not able to attend all instances of criminal break-ins.  Criminal activity on business premises is on the rise and companies need to take steps to protect themselves. The economic crisis has seen burglaries rise and criminal activity is on the increase. Small businesses across the UK are suffering an increasing number of break-ins and business owners are counting the cost criminal activity and replacing equipment can be financially disastrous. For example, in the London Riots of 2011, an excess of £100 million worth of damage was caused and of these 62% of the arrests were for burglary. The cause of the riots was partly blamed on police cuts and understaffing; so what can you do to protect yourself in these times?

Break-ins and the disruption caused in materials being stolen has a much greater effect on businesses than just the cash value of assets. Projects can be delayed and clients can become concerned with the ability to deliver the contract dates promised. In the current economic climate there are so many other contractors out there who are ready to snap up your business and negative press can have a devastating effect on any future contracts. Being victims of crime not only has a negative effect financially, but employers also have a moral and legal obligation to provide a safe and secure working environment for their workforce. Nobody should be subjected to a working environment where they feel uneasy arriving at or leaving a building for work.

The police are often criticised for not doing enough or failing to solve crimes, but the truth is they do a good job. Unfortunately they are overstretched and that they cannot always be in the right place at the right time. They have limited resources and have to decide how best to employ them. Break-ins to business premises overnight are not always their number one priority when there are violent crimes being committed every night.

When your alarm is activated, are you one who has to attend? To walk around the building, normally in complete darkness? Not knowing who/what is there? Do you play the “what if” game? “What if there had still been someone in the building?” “What if there were multiple intruders inside?” “What if they were armed or had weapons?”
Hiring a private security company means as their clients, YOU are our priority. You know that if and when your alarm goes off, your alarm monitoring company will get straight into contact with us and we will have officers on route almost immediately. We are able to deal with the situation quickly and efficiently and with a minimum amount of disruption to your business.

Our Consultancy Services can provide a  bespoke protection solution to suit your specific requirements ranging from keyholding,alarm response, mobile patrols, static guarding, lone worker protection and Lock and Unlock.

You can have the best insurance in the world, but prevention is better than a cure. By using a professional security company, your staff and premises are kept safe. More additional benefits can be had by informing your insurance provider as this can also reduce your insurance premium.